Synergy is a wonderful thing. It is the term used to describe a situation where the final outcome of a system is greater than the sum of its parts. For people that are in the ministry it is a great reminder that the reason we do the things we do is so much more important than the way we do it. Don't get me wrong...the way is important but the motives are crucial. None if us is a good as all of us.
Yesterday I sat down with a group of friends and talked about the things that God was sharing with us. As ideas began to pop so did the energy. That energy became an idea which caused a plan to develop. Before long, the idea and plan had a system and a team ready to implement it. It really is great when things all start to come together.
The opposite of synergy is antagonism, the phenomenon where two agents in combination have an overall effect that is less than that predicted from their individual effects. Most of us are in antagonistic situations with antagonistic people. Out of this camp come things like anxiety, stress and confusion.
Having a goal in mind that builds up the Body of Christ and His people will be the key to developing and enjoying the idea of synergy. What is God talking to you about this year? What ideas has He laid upon your heart? Who are you sharing with? This can be your year but you will have to develop a team of folks that you can converse with, strategize with and facilitate with. Psalm 133:1 tells us how pleasant, how awesome it is when people dwell together in unity. There is nothing more exciting than a group of folks with an ignited spirit, coming together with their talents and abilities to do something great for Him. Who's in your circle? Write down a list today and prepare yourself for an encounter with synergy this year!


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