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Where Are You Going?

Dave Matthews sang the line. Today I started out thinking about Abraham. God asked him to take his son to a place that he would show him and sacrifice him. Besides this being such an overwhelming request, God did not tell him where to go. He said you will know it when you see it. What a great way to start the day. Walking out towards an undisclosed location with your knife in hand knowing that soon you will have to give up your kid.
Abraham was an amazing man. He had already left family and friends to follow God with no destination mentioned. He left not knowing where he was going. Perhaps obedience is more important than revelation? Could knowing who is sending you be more crucial than knowing where you are going? The answer....absolutely!
As Abraham reached the mountain he knew this was the spot. As he raised the knife at that altar to sacrifice Isaac a ram rustled in the bushes. God had sent the real sacrifice so that Isaac could live to be a child of promise. That ram had been divinely located at that mountain and it was all set up ahead of time. Abraham just had to keep walking. he would know it when he got there. He would obey the voice of the Lord.
Where is God taking you today? Have you been instructed to move in a certain direction but because you are unsure you remain stagnant? If you will lstep out in faith today and take the first steps, I can assure you that just like Abraham, you will know it when you get there. Keep praying, keep trusting and watch what God will send your way...just in the knick of time!