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You Are Different?

Tonight at The Landing we are going to begin looking into lessons found in the life of Daniel. Daniel was different. In fact in Daniel 6 it says that he had an "excellent" spirit which made a clear and evident distinction between him and all of the others that the king was trying to train to serve. When we approach our day with excellence we can expect some good things to happen. One calculation that I saw the other day said this: e= m X c2 which translates as excellence equals motivation times confidence squared. In other words when you and I get motivated and we begin to believe in our abilities and talents which God has given to us, excellence is the end result.

While in SC over the holidays I had the wonderful privilege to share the Word with the St Helena Baptist Church. Afterwards one of the ladies in attendance came up to me and told me that she liked the way I talked! She said I was different! I guess that could have been taken a variety of ways but I chose to take it as a beautiful compliment! I have a different spirit in me...a spirit of excellence!

Think of it like this. At your office, you should be the one that stands out from the pack. God placed you there for this season and if you will give it your best, God can make things happen for you that you could not even imagine! At home when you arrive after work, BE THERE! Don't shut off, turn on your reserve and be all there for your family everyday. And when you go to the house of the Lord, be present, not thinking about other things. Worship with a whole heart and put all of yourself into all that you do.

Maybe you need to get motivated today. Try reading a psalm or proverb. Listen to some good worship music. (visit The Landing!)
God made you with the same excellent spirit that was in Daniel. You will stand out: its how you become outstanding!