Call it a clan, call it a tribe, call it a network, call it a family; whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”
Jane Howard

The most necessary thing that each of us desires is the sense of belonging. We were created for fellowship and community. It is the place that God made us for. So we pursue it not for the emotional or physical benefits but rather because it fits our spiritual DNA. Someone once said that "our job was to create islands of shalom in a seas of isolation." In our culture its often hard to allow ourselves to experience true community.

Consider the porcupine for a moment. It is not generally thought of as a lovable animal. I don’t know anyone that has one for a pet. Porcupines don’t always want to be alone. Their dilemma is ours…how do I get close without getting hurt. Our barbs have names like rejection, resentment,and envy. Fact is, by getting close we may get hurt but we must strive for that connectedness.

Mother Teresa warned that loneliness is the leprosy of modern society.

Community is not just a group of people who live together and love each other. It's a place of resurrection. It is a place of healing and a place where dreams become reality. An environment of life, love and living in the abundance that God designed us for. Our church has a vision statement that says we are, "bringing community to the church and the church to the community." It's our desire but it is only possible with God.


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