Evaluate What's On Your Plate

I've been on a road trip for the past couple of days. Road trips for someone that likes to drive are exhilarating and adventurous. It was a business trip but it was a trip of discovery as well. And it went right in line with what I have been sharing with all of you. The objective was to help increase the impact of another ministry and look at the way they were doing things and how that meshed with their long term vision and dream.
Too often we forget to update our methods and evaluate whether we are still connecting with our target audience. Each organization must go through this exercise. In this day that we are living in now, many folks are taking a second look at what they make, where they spend it and how they can save more. After spending time in the music business for years, I realized that every musician has to reinvent their sound at least every decade and their look every 5 years. (with the exception of the Rolling Stones!) These are maximum limits. These limits are usually unspoken but help keep us current with the culture as it grows and changes.
As a public speaker, I desire staying current all the time. I want the things that I teach and share to have meaning in the lives that I am touching right now. And I find that I have to evaluate what we are doing all the time. We must continue to be relevant and relational so that we touch the hearts that God has placed in our care.
Maybe you own a business. Are you still touching the lives that you are after? When was the last time that you took a good look at the methods that you are using to connect with your buyers? Perhaps its time to evaluate what's on your plate? It is possible to grow in a recession. Why? Because God's economy is not tied to our nations. As a believer you have a promise to prosper in every area! So, are you ready for that surplus that is coming your way?


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