For any exponentially growing quantity, the larger the quantity gets, the faster it grows. I have been feeling something inside of me that speaks of the ministry that we are involved in as being ready to exponentially grow. I have heard many people use the word exponential so I wanted to know what that really means. Everything I found ties to the first sentence of this blog...the larger a quantity gets, the faster it grows. It appears to be tied to momentum. Once you got it, you really start rolling. In fact you start playing above your present talent level!
In church life exponential growth seems to happen organically. People are attracted to a speaker, a band, a building or a special children's program. Others are attracted to the place that their friends go. I have always struggled with these ideas because I felt in my heart that we should be attracted to the Lord and a place where the Word was preached without hesitation. Scripture says that if the name of the Lord is lifted up, HE will draw people to himself. Thus, the growth. The more He is lifted up, the more drawing power at work. All the other elements are good but they cannot be the focus.
After going through a season of prayer and fasting in January, I have found myself more sensitive to what the Lord is doing in our land and in our church. I feel His presence in ways that are so much more apparent than ever. And as His spirit allows me to minister His Word, I can feel the drawing power of that spirit directing people to Him. You are one of those that He desires to draw close.
What is the spirit trying to draw out of you today? Are you on track with your goals, your plan and your system for achieving them this year? Perhaps you are ready for some exponential growth in your ministry, your home or your finances?
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, the good things that God has planned for those that love Him!


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