Failure to Launch

There is a moment in every ministry endeavor, every outreach, every step of faith that requires launching. Launching is the assertiveness to actually step out on nothing and have complete trust that God is going to allow you a place to land. It's not very hard to "talk" faith. It's easy for most of us to have grand ideas and wonderful plans that we feel God is leading us into. But when the talk is over and the "walk" must begin, well, that is where the rubber meets the road.
Jesus wasn't afraid to step out of the ordinary. He "launched" out into the deep often and met needs every time. Once he asked Peter, a renowned fisherman, to "launch out into the deep". Not a crazy request for a fisherman. But He asked it after Peter had just had an all-nighter on the lake without catching a single fish. He was tired and he was....done. Jesus asked him to get the nets back out, go deeper and throw out the nest again. That is where most of us are. Peter could have said I'm exhausted and I am frustrated. I just need a break. He could have experienced failure to launch. But he didn't. He said those things in his head but his spirit said NEVERTHELESS, I will be obedient to do whatever you ask at the time you ask it.
Are you suffering from a failure to launch? Your hearing His voice and you know what He is saying but you just get flip the switch? Put all of your feelings aside. Resist the emotions and mental gymnastics that try to confuse you. Put a nevertheless in your vocabulary. Launch out...go deeper...throw the nets again! Get ready for a miracle!


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