Maintenance Plan

Nothing can work forever without a maintenance plan. Not your car, your marriage, your business or your ministry. Too often we treat our life and the relationships in it like we treat our car. We go way beyond the date when maintenance should be done and try to get more and more. Eventually, without proper maintenance, the engine shuts down. All types of things can go wrong when we are not diligent in our maintenance plan.
When we have allowed ourselves to go too many miles without any attention to what is going on, we may run the risk of having to replace some things that would not have been necessary if we had just paid attention. We see it all the time. Couples that stop talking. Employees that cut corners at work. Even people that play church and hope that they can fool everyone. Unfortunately what each of us will find out is that without a maintenance plan, we will all end up in the same place: the car shop, the counselors office or the Pastors Study.
Do you have a maintenance plan for your life? Are you staying on track and making certain that you have periodic check-ups? Don't allow yourself to get taken down by breakin' down. You've got many miles to go...keep on driving!


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