My Best Friend

This week my little miniature dachshund and I took a trip to the office of a local magazine. We were part of a feature in the magazine called Preachers Pet. As we arrived, Midnight(that's his name) started to check out the office and get a feel(I mean a smell) for what was going on. After a few moments we snapped a picture and we talked about life together. Well I talked and he continues to sniff the perimeter!
Each night Midnight wants a few bones. I have a jar of bones in various colors and he loves them! In fact he will go lay down by the pantry and wait until I come to the kitchen so that he is in position to grab his treat. He does not like me to give them one at a time but rather wants me to lay them all down. Then he grabs one at a time and goes to a different room to hide it and save it for later. It's as if he thinks that the bones may run out and he may have no more food so he wants to make sure that he knows where he can get that little snack. Perhaps he is aware of the recession everyone is talking about! I find them in chair cushions, under the bed covers and sometimes just sitting in the corner. And if I move in the direction of the hiding place, well he is off to grab the bones and change locations. It's like these bones are in a witness protection program!
After sharing some stories of my life with Midnight, I was reminded again just how special he really is. Always happy to see me, always ready to do something together and always ready to bark at any strange noise or visitor.
Thanks Midnight for a great memory this week in your magazine feature debut! You truly are this man's best friend!


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