"Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his own reward according to his labor" ! Corinthians 3:8

I like reward systems. I have developed a Triple A Strategy for rewarding our employees...Acknowledge-Appreciate-Applaud. Valuable people create valuable products and when you acknowledge them, you start adding value to them. Appreciating them can be done in words, notes and cards, and there can be monetary appreciation built in there too! Applauding them, well, that not only works for them but really affects everyone around them. Rewards are good. My credit card gives them to me. Even Best Buy gives them to me. But God is the ultimate reward giver. He rewards those people that DILIGENTLY seek Him. He rewards us based on our motives and the work that they inspire. Notice in the words I shared that there is a planter and one who waters. Planting is good. Watering is necessary. But only God can bring growth.

When we acknowledge those around us we are planting seeds into long and fruitful relationships. By appreciating them and applauding them we water those seeds and put ourselves in position for God to allow this teamwork to make His dream work. And when His dream is working in our lives the rewards are off the charts!

Take a moment today and look at those closest to you. Perhaps you should put the Triple A Strategy to work for yourself. Investing in others is the best way to get others investing in you!


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