There shouldn't be an US in Stimulus!

The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.
- Henry Kissinger

I have been thinking and praying about this whole stimulus thing. I must confess that I lost quite a bit of faith after the last one was given out and there were no controls in place to gauge where the spending was taking place. If we handed out money like that in our personal lives or at our offices we would never make it. I think the whole idea of this is to stimulate the economy, arouse interest in consumers and jobs and cause a physical response in the American people. Maybe we should ask for a detailed accounting of the rest of the un-dispersed monies from the last one before we agree to consider this one? When I read this quote from Henry Kissinger, I have to say that if we do nothing, we would probably come out better off. It’s too late to spend money to make money. We already tried that. So am I worried? Concerned is a better word.
What has happened in me is a new fervor to pray for this nation and the people that we elect to govern it. Proverbs tells us that the “heart of the king(President) is in the hand of the Lord” and I am certain that God can and will steer it to where it should go IF we are praying diligently. Our goal should be to get our business in order. Put some money aside for savings. Continue to support the work of God with financial and physical support.
A stimulus is an incentive to get something going…to motivate it. I can tell you with boldness today that this package IS NOT my motivation. My motivation will be to do my part and make a difference in my world. By being diligent and getting my business straight, I will not only help preserve my future and the future for my children, but I will do my part to stimulate the “spirit” of America in those that I touch. God is in control and He has a great plan for our lives…to give us hope and a future! Stimulate that!


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