True Hospitality

In 1 Peter 4:9 we have an instruction from God...offer hospitality to one another. How well do you prepare yourself when you know that you are going to have visitors? True hospitality is to open your heart to your visitors and to make them feel welcome. Romans 12:13 tells us to "share with those who are in need. Practice hospitality."
I wonder if we would be more hospitable if Jesus was coming to our house? I am sure we would pick up all the clutter, vacuum the floor...even dust! Yet Jesus told us that when we help others it is as if we are helping him! There are only a few people that I have met in my life that have made me feel like the only person in the room when I was with them. I think that is true hospitality.
Today, try to focus on your concern and interest in those that you engage in conversation with. Forget about trying to speak. Ask questions about them and what they are talking about. God has given us so much. And we know what He wants from us...true hospitality!


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