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Adapting to Change

If there is one thing that I have developed in my life by living in Oklahoma, its my ability to adapt to change. When life morphs from one thing to another with no advance warning it is easy to be caught off guard. Often when these surprises come that we were not ready for, we panic. We start to think about all of the negative aspects of the changes and the inconvenience that this will be to our comfortable way of doing things. Fact is, change is unstoppable.
Knowing that you will be subject to many changes in relationships, weather, health, career, etc., you and I must be ready and able to adapt. To adapt means that we change to meet the requirements. We make the adjustments necessary to benefit the most by the change.
Ironically , my ability to adapt to change is determined by my stability to live in Christ. My surrender to His plan and any changes that come with it help me to be transformed into the person that He designed me to be.
So if you are going through some changes today, take a deep breath and ask God to strengthen you, align you with the right choice and help you make the adjustments necessary to be the best you can be as you change. Just like the butterfly, this transformation for you may be the last thing that must happen before you start to fly!