Do You Understand?

In Proverbs 4 we read many verses about understanding. Solomon is giving us counsel on gaining wisdom. He says that wisdom is supreme and to pursue it. But in that pursuit, in all of your getting, get understanding. Though it cost all that you have, get understanding.
Some folks spend their entire lives in that pursuit. Understanding is that important. Think about the many things that you do today that are a direct result of you following the lead of a mentor, a parent or friend. Do you understand why you act like you do? Our churches are filled with people that believe but have little understanding. We need to know how we arrive at the place we arrive at. Pray in the spirit and with the understanding the Word says. Solomon was the the wisest man on earth and he alerted us to the importance of understanding.
We gain understanding through study and prayer. We get understanding by asking questions and working through problems. When I was in elementary school, our math problems had to be solved the LONG way. We were not allowed to use calculators. So we took our pencil and paper and had to SHOW our work. I have to admit that it was tedious and often painful. But it brought me understanding.
So today, pursue understanding. Always be ready to give an answer for why you believe what you believe. Challenge what you do not understand and solve it the LONG way. Pay attention and gain understanding!


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