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Facing Your Giants

I was reminded of this again last night as my new friend Darrell gave his testimony at The Landing. Darrell was in a severe car accident in 2006 and suffered many injuries. The force of the crash collapsed the car and Jaws of Life was called. Darrell said it was his first helicopter ride and he only wished he had remembered it! His ride to the hospital was followed by surgery and many months under the careful eyes of the doctors and nurses.
But his story has a twist. Darrell found himself in a place that could only be described as heaven, angels in a row singing and worshipping the Lord. There was a door behind him. As he was listening to the angel voices, suddenly they started singing louder and going crazy. He wondered why? The door behind him had opened and Jesus had come though the door to stand beside him. I've heard so many people talk about these types of experiences but never did the Lord remind me of His presence like He did last night. Darrell's work here was not done.
He began getting better and started to evangelize right there in the hospital. He just talked to people about Jesus. Today, though his speech comes rough and his arms and hand have been pieced back together, the love of God is seen o this man in ways that I cannot use words to describe. His testimony can be heard or downloaded at and click on the Joe on the Go button.
The whole experience reminded me that many are the plans in a mans heart but it is the Lords purpose that will prevail. Darrell reminded all of us that he is not disabled, just facing challenges, which he seems to overcome with great grace and power. He faced his giants last night and beat them senseless. After he spoke, he talked of how God taught him to play guitar and he sand a song he wrote about the entire ordeal. WOW! And I've used the phrase, "I don't feel good" before to not show up for something I knew God was in! I was energized, inspired and I was weeping before the Lord as Darrell laid hands on many in our church and prayed the prayer of faith with them. It was powerful and amazing.
God has an incredible plan for you today too. To give you some real hope and a future that will make you proud and bring you joy. You may have to face a giant or two along the way as well. I guess the question is, are you ready to face your giants?