Happy Anniversary to The Landing!

Today is the anniversary of our churches beginning...7 years ago! That means that we will begin our 8th year as a community of faith. To think that God started this whole thing with a couple of people talking about ways to share God in practical ways that would help them understand just how much He loves them...well, that's really special. I feel so honored to be part of a place where people actually believe that they can be all that God designed them to be.
The Landing was a special place for me to grow and develop. When divorce hit my home I wanted to die. I felt like I let God down because the commitment that I made would not be able to be followed through. As I read the bible and talked to God(no one else was around) I found that God was still very interested in me and the story that He was writing with my life. Somehow, I kept reading and sharing what I was learning with the people that would come. Without The Landing, I would not have survived. When I wrote the book Transitions, I began to journal all of the wonderful things that I was learning. I have found that many people have gone through some of the same things that I have. I also found a great number of folks that were not judgmental and would love without conditions. Today, that church is larger than ever and the presence of the Lord is overwhelming there.
So, on this 7th birthday, I say thank you Landing Community Church for being there when I needed you! Thanks to the folks that call The Landing home right now and for being a part of something that God was setting up long ago. Every message, every song we sing, every ministry we launch is another miracle in my life. And as we move into another year, I can only imagine all of the wonderful things that God has in store for us. Happy Anniversary to The Landing!


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