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Here Comes Trouble!

My family used to say that about me I am sure whenever I walked into the room. Seemed like most of my childhood was spent either by being trouble or being IN trouble!
This weekend some of the youth from our church went to a Teen Mania Ministries event where the them was Here Comes Trouble. When I read that the first time I was confused. It was unclear to me what they were trying to say. But as I did some research into the theme of this two day event I was ignited in my spirit because they were talking about passion and making an impact in our culture like Jesus did. Wherever Jesus went He stirred things up. He changed the atmosphere, the climate and the people!
I realize today that we have been empowered by God...given power by His spirit at work in us to make an impact on people everyday. So why aren't more people making an impact? Personally, I think that we don't realize what came with this package of salvation from asking Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. There is a potency that we have as believers that enables us to also change the atmosphere and the climate we are in. And our final change people by giving them a look into the wonderful life of Jesus and what He did for them.
No one goes to hell because of what they did or didn’t do. We are all sinners deserving hell. It is only by the grace of God…unmerited favor…that we enter His kingdom and live in eternity with Him. The issue today isn’t sin…the real issue is what do you do with Christ?
So let me ask you on this wonderful Monday...what are you going to do with Jesus today? How will you use the power He has given you to invoke positive change on those that you are connected to? Let's shake it up...let's stir it up! When the enemies camp sees us coming, let the world hear them comes trouble!