Is Your Sign On?

One of my favorite donut shops is Krispy Kreme. When our family used to vacation in Florida we would rent a house that was by the beach AND by the Krispy Kreme store. It was heaven!
The reason I like KK is because of one significant factor: their Hot Now sign. How cool is it that they tell you when fresh donuts are just coming off the line? No guessing, no hoping, the sign says it all.
Wouldn't it be great if people had a sign that would let us now their mood and how they feel? You could decide if you wanted to talk to them based on their sign!
As believers, when it comes to sharing our faith, our Hot Now sign should be on ALL the time. The bible says to be instant in season(and out of season). Always be ready to give an account of why you believe what you believe.
So, if you had to flip on a sign which described you, would yours invite people in or keep people out? Why not start today with a Hot Now sign and see what happens? You might just make an incredible difference in the life of a complete stranger! Gotta go, my Hot Now sign is on!


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