How often do you get to reboot? I mean really shut down and then start off again with a fresh perspective and new energy? I wonder how often we are supposed to refresh the page of our life so that we can see all the new things that may be added to it.
Refreshing is important to our body, our mind and our spirit. We can get so busy. Oftentimes the busyness causes us to grow weary and even get sick. Refreshing is the only thing that can make us well again.
So how can we refresh ourselves? Sometimes its a conversation with an old friend. Writing a letter or a poem. Turning on the CD player and listening to your favorite band. Maybe just sitting down with God's word and reading a psalm or a proverb. I like to talk to people that fix problems and find solutions. Maybe that's why prayer is so special to me. I know that God holds the answer to the questions that my mind and my heart keep asking. As I sit in His presence, I feel the refreshing come. And once I have been energized, well, that's when things really get interesting.
Take a moment today to refresh yourself. Take a walk in the sun or lay on your back in the grass. Let the Creator renew your creativity once again.


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