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Strange but True

The methods that Jesus used to meet the needs that were presented to him were not always conventional. In fact many times they were just strange. In our culture we always seem to be taken back when we experience something that we have never seen or heard before. Maybe it is in a healing service or a prophetic utterance. When you and I are walking with God, things may not always happen the way we thought they would but we can always be assured that they are happening the way God intends.
I thought of Naaman in 2 Kings 5. He was the commander of the kings army...a valiant soldier but he had leprosy. Imagine being so strong and influential but having an outcasts disease. Naaman wanted to be healed. The prophet Elisha came upon the scene and wonders why Naaman has been sent to him to be cured of this disease. At first he thought it was a strategy to start a battle. Nevertheless, Naaman came before him and was given the plan for healing...go wash yourself 7 times in the Jordan. Naaman went away angry talking to himself about the fact that this man of God could have waved his hand over the spot and done something much quicker and less laborious. He even complained about the river that the prophet chose wondering if there wasn't a better river closer to where he was. The bible says that he went off in a rage!
The healing was offered to him: True The way that he would be healed: Strange
Fortunately Naaman had friends that convinced him to focus on what was important...healing the leprosy. I wonder how many times we have missed a divine moment because we disagreed with the method that Jesus used to get it to us. Maybe something was required of us that we just did not agree with. We can go dip in the Jordan 7 times and be completely healed, or go away in a rage still infected by the disease. Strange but True...which one are you?