I was thinking about how important it is to be valued as a person. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. In the climate that we are in right now in this country, many folks that have found their identity and worth in their jobs are being emotionally depressed and discouraged because they have lost their jobs. The problem: their value came in what they were doing.
I want you to know today that you are not special because of what you do. You have great value and worth because God loves you. He created you for a distinct and special purpose that only you can carry out. He values you so much that He gave up His son so that you could choose to be driven through life by His spirit and not your selfish interests. Your job did not define you. Your source and livelihood was not in that was and should continue to be in the One that made that job possible for that season.
Well, maybe now the season has changed. Don't sulk and get yourself all down and out. You are up and coming not down and out! You couldn't get the new job that is coming if you had the one that just let you go! So keep your chin up and keep talking about how special you are in the the sight of God. You are valuable!


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