You Really Matter

I just finished watching the season of Confessions of a Teen Idol. Watching these former child superstars process life with and without fame was quite interesting to me. Dealing with being in the public eye versus being publicly forgotten has many challenges. The emotional ups and downs were heartbreaking to watch but well worth it by the time the season was over. Each one of them had to come to grips with who they were now and what they really wanted.
Each one of us has a desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. We need to be valued. We need to know that we matter. For me, that kind of love and appreciation only came from Jesus. People will let us down. Even best friends seem to fall by the wayside. But Jesus Christ is a friend that stays closer than family. He heals the hurts. He mends the torn relationships. And He brings balance to the emotional roller coaster.
When we look for our love and appreciation to come from people, we may find ourselves lacking that feeling of being needed and valued. Jesus Christ knows all there is to know about your life, your relationships and your struggles. When we can surrender to Him, we open ourselves up to being fully loved and fully appreciated. We also become part of a much bigger family...the family of God.
Maybe you need to stop trying to be liked today. Don't please people...just please the Lord! Have a great weekend!


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