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God raised up judges...

I know that there is this feeling of chaos in our country right now. Many folks are "hoping" in government, employers and even their families to help them stay positive and endure this tough season. The good news is that this isn't the first time the country has been in chaos. You can go back to the Bible and see that we've been in chaos over and over again throughout history. Today I was looking at the Book of Judges. There was a season after Joshua died when the people were without hope and in turmoil. They were asking "who is going to lead us in this fight?" They wanted a leader. And Judges 2:16 tells us that when there was no direction GOD RAISED UP JUDGES. God gave them leadership when they were without it. Pure Leadership. Fourteen Judges led Israel during this time. And believe it or not, the people did not agree with the leaders that God has positioned and there was still a struggle.
Not much has changed here in 2009. We still want to be led rather than using our voice, our gifts and our resources to be the answer. Judges 21:25 tells us that in those days, when Israel had no king, everyone did as they saw fit. No rules, just opinions. No order, just confusion. And we know that scripture tells us that where there is envy and confusion there will also be found many other dark and negative things. When we need leadership, God raises it up. Perhaps you are one that He is talking to now about reaching out, using your voice, your influence to bring about positive change on the nation or in your neighborhood. Now is the time. Leaders go back to the basics...prayer...the Word of God...good works.
Today, what problem is taking place that YOU can address? How are you using your influence? Let's stop marching against things and start walking towards new things.