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Happy Easter Weekend!

I really am praying that all of the folks that read this have made plans to attend the church of their choice this weekend. This is a very special season for the Body of Christ and I believe that if you give Him a chance, He will surprise you with some wonderful things this Easter. God is full of surprises. Nobody expected Jesus to rise from the dead...but He did! Nobody thought that His impact would be felt around the world more than 2000 years later...but it is!
My prayer for you and your family is that you will feel the presence of the Lord in your life in a very real and practical way this weekend. Jesus is still the answer. If you need help at work, at home or in a relationship, He is alive and ready to come to your side and help you go through what you are going through. The tomb could not hold Him but your heart can! Open your heart and let Him come in. Life will change and hope will come! May your Easter weekend be blessed!