Healthy Choices

After yesterdays verse on foolishness, we may ask "how can I keep from making foolish decisions? How can I develop a good track record of healthy choices? " Let me offer you a simple three step system that can help you.
#1 pray about your decisions: Getting others opinions can be helpful but it can also overwhelm you with too much information…so much that you paralyze yourself and do nothing. Take your request to God FIRST.
You may be surprised with the answer and how it comes.
#2 walk: Take some steps of faith forward…put some action along with those prayers. Why? Because faith without WORKS is dead. When you talk to God you offer your voice up to Him. Next, give Him your body…give Him that living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable act of service…notice I said reasonable, not foolish!
#3 Praise: We were created to worship the Lord. By praying you are deepening your relationship with Him. By walking and taking action steps you are committing yourself to His plan and purposes. And when you praise…well when praises start He inhabits the praises of His people. He resides in the praises of His people. That means not only do we have a relationship with him(smart). Not only are we taking the initiative and walking forward in faith(smarter). Now He is walking WITH US! (smartest)
The only way that we can keep from being foolish, and to make healthy choices is to stay close to the Lord. Praying, walking and praising our way in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


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