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In His Image

This week I have been thinking about this whole "created in the image of God" thing. In the book of Genesis we can read about creation and how all of us came into being. God breathed life into man and gave man some incredible power. He said, "let them rule over the fish, the birds and the earth...oh, and yes, over all the crawling things on the earth. God gave man authority and then put in him the ability to exercise that authority. God created me in his image!
I have to admit that I do not often feel like I am a great representation of the Creator of the universe. And when I think about being made in His image, I feel a responsibility to speak like He would speak and to have the same objectives that He did. Still too often I do not have the right opinion of myself and I fall short.
You and I need to know today that we are special. We are loved. We were born with power and ability to change this world in a very positive way. The Creator of all that is around us thought enough of us that He gave all of this to us to manage, to utilize and to bless. God always gives you the ability to carry out whatever He asks of you. So today, lift up your heads and live like you were tailor made, in the image of God for success. Do your best and let God take care of the rest!