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We all make them...some of them are wee little ones and others are simply ginormous! Still, we are going to choose the wrong way, the wrong people, the wrong job at some point in our lives. A mistake is just that...a miss-take. The good news today is that you get another take...a second chance...a do-over! Because of the GRACE of God you and I have the glorious opportunity to repent, forgive, and start over.
Perhaps you have been overwhelmed with guilt from some mistake that you made. Why not forgive yourself and let God heal the hurts and mend the miss? You were created to do good things and to be successful in every way. God has even equipped you for those good works.(2 timothy 3:17)
So are you ready to take a chance again? Let God's grace: all sufficient grace make a way where you thought there was no way.