Stay on the Boat!

Charles Kettering once said, “no one would have crossed the ocean if he would have gotten off the ship in the middle of the storm”. I wonder how many things God has prepared for me that I missed because I quit too soon. In most things that we go after for God, a level of perseverance is crucial. The bible often uses patience as the word to say the same thing. The idea is being diligent and hanging in there, no matter how long it takes, until the outcome that you have prayed for arrives.
On Tuesday of the week that Jesus was betrayed, beaten and crucified he went into the sanctuary only to find it turned into a department store. With righteous indignation he rebuked the merchandisers. He wanted the house of prayer to be just that. Why? Because if we are going to develop our capacity to endure, to run the race to finish, then we are going to need a place to pray. A place to refuel, renew and recharge.
You can't cross the ocean if you get off the boat prematurely. Whatever you are struggling with today, stay strong. If you are going through hell, keep going. You might be right on the edge of an incredible breakthrough. Fight the GOOD fight of faith...YOU WILL WIN!


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