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Trust in God...

There is an old saying by soldiers in the Revolutionary War that said, "Trust in God, but keep your powders dry." In other words place your life in the hands of God but always be ready for an attack. It is one thing to have faith, another to do something with it!
Often we react when we should trust God first. I heard a story about a woman fed up with her children in the car that were behaving badly. She was at her wits end and though she was three miles from home, she let them out and sped away! I know, unbelievable! Anger that causes these types of actions are not good and this woman was arrested because her behavior was even worse than her children's.
Today is Earth Day and there will be a great deal of talk about "going green". Being eco-friendly in this day and age is a good thing to talk about but until we actually make changes, nothing will change. In the beginning God created the earth and then He gave us the job of caring for it. Making simple and subtle changes can have a tremendous impact.
So whether your "seeing red" or "going green", the wisdom of these war soldiers is still good today. Trust God. He's got the whole world in His hands. But sometimes situations are volatile and emotions get unbalanced. Stay alert and sober-minded. God is able to provide you an escape in ANY situation!
Take care of yourself, your family and our Earth!