Where Do We Go From Here?

There comes a place in every relationship where you ask this question...where do I go from here? It's often a crossroad or intersection and the decisions that you make next will determine the life path that you will follow. For many people that found themselves at church yesterday in the midst of an emotional and dramatic resurrection service, I am certain that hearts were being tugged upon and emotions were in turmoil. Perhaps some of us even took a moment to say that infamous prayer..."Lord come into my heart today and help me live life the way you planned it." You may have even found yourselves crying and laughing at the same time! And can I say...that's soooooo awesome! Making Christ Lord is THE WAY to great success and fulfillment in your life.
It's Monday now. The services are all over. The tears have dried. The musical drama about the passion of Christ has ended. Monday morning schedules are beginning and the daily grind that had you paralyzed is once again upon you. What do you do now? Where do you go from here? Let me suggest that you stay attentive to the things that brought aroused those emotions in you yesterday. When you put another log on the fire and it starts to blaze, the flame will eventually burn out if you don't poke around at it some. Stay connected to the places and the people that God surrounded you with; where you truly felt His presence. And find yourselves a bible that you can read. Which translation is best? The one that you understand. I suggest the New Living Translation or the Message to get started. As you gain more understanding you may find yourselves wanting to read the original King James Version or the New International Version. Whatever you do, read His Word. It contains all of life's answers and that story you heard which touched your heart on Sunday. You've got a choice at this intersection and you have the chance to stay the course and find more peace, love and joy that you have ever experienced. What's different about today is that others are praying for you and waiting to connect again with you at church this week. So don't stop. Poke around that spiritual log and keep those flames burning. Your journey as a fully devoted follower of Christ is going to be the ride of your life!


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