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Clear Mental Pictures

The Bible tells us that people perish for lack of VISION. As the founder of a non-profit whose mission is to help people turn dreams2destiny, VISION is very important to me. And if we die without it, it should be very important to all of us. In his book "Contagious Leadership", John Maxwell gives us one definition...VISION: a clear mental picture of a better tomorrow, given by God, which moves a person to believe that it not only could be done, but it should be done. Let me add to that..."When we don't look ahead, we start to become dead!"
A vision is often compared to the birth of a child because of the similarities. When you "give birth" to child your body changes, your pain and your tolerance increase and you have the most trauma right before the delivery. It's the same with a vision. With an idea or a mission you go through the pains and the ridiculous changes forced upon you because you are after the end result.
Sadly, many people stop "pushing" when the "contractions" get too painful. So many dreams are aborted today because we lose sight of the prize. It would be a shame to realize that we stopped pursuing our vision the day before it was about to be delivered and realized wouldn't it?
What is God asking you to do? What are the clear mental pictures that you see that will reshape you and give birth to something amazing? As my favorite band, "Journey", used to sing, don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling! You too can watch God turn your dreams2destiny!