There is nothing more miraculous and exciting than watching a new birth! And yes, its a little messy too but you go through all of that "stuff" because you are so excited about this new life that is bursting forth. For the past two months I have been assisting some folks at Impact Productions on a new project: to give birth to a new program for a wonderful man of God in Tulsa named Billy Joe Daugherty. There have been so many incredible moments in the "process" of development and research and I have had the great privilege of joining in with people of faith and purpose. My life's mission is all about turning dreams2destiny and helping others do what God has purposed them to do.
Tonight at 6:30pm CST on Trinity Broadcasting Network, we give birth to Pastor Daugherty's new program 360(degree)Life: A Look at Faith from Every Angle. It's a world premiere!
As in any new birth process, there are moments of pain(usually for the one carrying the baby) and there is that divine moment of joy when the baby is born. Tonight at 6:30pm, I will be smiling, knowing that God has once again shown Himself strong and delivered to the world another new life...this time manifested in an incredible program that will change peoples lives and bring glory to God. And many will rejoice because of this birth!
I wanted to encourage you to watch this event or set your TIVO to record it because these shows are powerful. For the next 13 weeks you will be able to see this series on TBN. And as it grows we will continue to learn how to help it mature properly and become all that it was purposed to be. I am certain that it will grow up quickly, play on other networks and one day, give birth to other shows!
Pray today for Pastor Daugherty, his family and for the creative and anointed folks at Impact Productions and CurrentCCreative that are helping turn dreams2destiny every day!(www.360life.tv)


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