Explore and Discover

Today I have the privilege of joining two of my friends in marriage. This young couple has been dating for seven years. How fitting it is that seven is the number of completion in the bible. Eight is the number of new beginnings!
As I thought about this couple I realized that they have been on a wonderful journey of discovery. You can get to know a great deal about a person when you hang out with them for that long. So many young couples meet, have a short season of dating and then jump into this commitment of marriage without really knowing about their partner. They are probably more infatuated by this persons looks and personality and they neglect really getting to "know" them.
The greatest joy in this life is the exploration and discovery part. Exploring who you are and what gifts that God has planted in you. Discovering how to use them and to be all that He designed you to be. You see we should explore faith, love and try to discover what it can mean to have a personal relationship with the Lord. There is no greater place to be than in His presence!
As we explore life, my prayer is that we will discover Christ. And that when we discover Him, that we uncover His plan to bring us an incredible hope and a bright future. For my two friends, Russ and Erica, another part of that exploration and discovery will start today. May God bless their journey together in this new beginning! And may God bless you as you discover Him!


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