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Happy Memorial Day!

Have you ever missed someone that you really didn't know? That may sound very strange to you. Yet, this weekend, as I have been preserving some memories, I found myself thinking about the grave of my brother that was still born. I visited the cemetery where many in my family tree have been laid to rest one summer while on vacation. I took this picture of the head stone because I never wanted to forget it.Though the world would never know him or hear his voice or laugh, for some reason I felt his spirit.
This weekend I could not visit the place on this world that marks his brief life, but I can always look forward to the day that I will see him again.
I can also enjoy the family that is with me, my brother John and my sister Jennifer. And I can thank mom and dad for doing all that they could to make us the kids that we are today. I pastor a church, my sister is a teacher in South Carolina and my brother is the Executive Pastor at a church in Florida. Not bad, mom and dad, I guess we turned out ok!
Memorial Day is about remembering those that have a profound and significant impact on our lives. I thank the Lord for family today...Happy Memorial Day to all of you!