What Memories are You Preserving?

All over the world this weekend people are traveling and visiting family. They are going to the grave sites of loved ones to lay flowers and pay their respects in loving memory of someone who had a profound impact on their lives. We call these sites memorials: places where we preserve a memory of something or someone that was significant in our lives.

I hear people talk a lot about forgetting the past…what’s done is done…don’t look back that is unless you want to turn into a pillar of salt! And for many things, this counsel may be beneficial. But today I want to talk to you about preserving the past; about letting the circumstances of the past propel you further into your future.

So the question is “Can we turn miseries into milestones”? What does God have to say about our past? I remember a song that Carman wrote: it dealt with a conversation between a demon and the devil and the demon was telling the devil that you can try to remind the people of God about their past but just remember that whenever you remind God’s people of their past, they are just going to remind you of your future. Our past isn't always a terrible thing. We are created to endure challenges and keep right on running. You see God wants to turn problems into progress…to make landmarks where landfills have been…to help us share the lessons learned so that those that come behind us can see our faith and use it to move them down the road turning the impossible into the probable.

So what memories are you preserving? What will people learn about you as they look over the map of your life? Use the memories to catapult you into the great future of hope that God has planned for you! Jeremiah 29:11

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


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