Check Your Splitter

This morning as I went through my usual routine of pouring a cup of joe and then writing one, I was unable to connect to the internet. This happens occasionally and if I just power off everything and turn it back on it comes back. Today it didn't. I was offline...disconnected. That's right, I had no connection to the world wide web, the research, the information, those that read this column and worse than that, no way to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts! I was shut down! Though the internet did not work, my phone did and I called the cable company to report the problem. After five minutes of troiubleshooting the modem was back online and so was I!:)
The trouble...I had a splitter that connected the TV and the modem to the outlet and the splitter was bad. You see I had two sources feeding one outlet and when we took away the splitter and there was only one source, everything worked.
There are many days that I feel I have multiple splitters connected to me and if it just becomes too much, I go offline....just like my cable modem. But if I disconnect, reboot and make certain that the right connections are in place, I can get back online again and reconnect to folks like you all over the world.
The last thing the tech support helper asked me was to check out my splitter. Maybe today you have too many sources that you are plugged into or that have plugged into you. If your splitter is not strong enough, it will burn out and you will become disconnected. Don't go offline today...check your splitter. Make sure that your main cable is plugged into the Lord and He will make certain that you have no harmful content get to you. Stay online and connected. How else are we going to be able to share a cup of joe together?


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