Yesterday was Fathers Day. Dads were being honored and celebrated all over the country. Dad's that do the job were enjoying a day of their own...I call them do-dads. Dad's are thoroughly equipped to do the job. They have a three-fold anointing: to guard, guide and govern the home.
As the guard they keep the family protected. They can discern the difference between thing that are harmful and things that are helpful.
As a guide they are able to lead. This comes as they set and example, teach their children how to do certain things and show the power of love within the family unit.
And they govern, they control the pace of life and the actions that the family takes. They set the tone.

The way we learn how to be the best fathers we can be is by developing our relationship with our heavenly Father. That anointing dad has to guard, guide and govern comes from God and enables and empowers us to keep the family unit safe, sound and secure.

The day of celebration may be over but the job goes on. So keep praying for your dad. If your relationship is strained, ask God to help you move towards healing so that your relationship can be healthy and healed. Do-dads are the best!


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