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Ending in a Better Place

“If you are guided by the Spirit, you won’t obey your selfish desires.” – Galatians 5:16 (CEV)

Can you think for a moment about what is directing your course in life today? Are the circumstances you are in the middle of dictating the end result for you? Do you often find yourself in the middle of other peoples battles, wondering how you ended up there? Maybe you engage in activities, people and events without contemplating what you will be investing. If you are always ending up in a bad place, todays cup is for you!

The scripture today tells us a couple of things. We can be guided by the Spirit. Imagine having someone else making the tough choices for you! Yet too often, we make our own choices, based on how we FEEL and not on what is best for us. What is best for us is to allow the Spirit of God to steer the course of our life. Why? Because when the Spirit is in control, you don't give in to emotional, selfish activities. Oh, you will still have those selfish desires at times but the Spirit of God gives you the power to repel them and move closer towards a godly result.

If you keep giving in to your own desires, you are NOT being led by His Spirit. It's easy to change course. Just ask the Lord today to guide your steps. To allow His Spirit to rise up in you and help you live peaceably with all those that you are connected to. It seems like a tall order I know, like you could never do that. And without being led by the Spirit, you are absolutely right-you never will! Today choose to help, not hurt. Consider what His Spirit would do before you make your phone call, write your letter or send your email. Will your response bring healing and life to the situation? What good is going to come from what I am about to say or what decision I am about to make? Is this a selfish desire or a godly one? If the Spirit guides you, you will always end up in a better place!