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Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Going!

Supermax: the prison where no one escapes. It's the final exit on a life that went the wrong direction. In Acts 12, Peter was in an earlier version...perhaps known as Minimax. The bible says that he was guarded by 4 squadrons of soldiers. They were at the doors of the entry, at the doors of the inner cell and they were even chained to him. It looked like he was done for soon Herod would make a public spectacle of him and kill him in the town square.
But the Bible says that the angel of the Lord found Peter, all the way inside, on death row and told him to get up. As soon as he did the chains fell off of his body. Get your clothes on and your shoes and follow me! So Peter followed the angel and thought he was dreaming for this was so surreal. They got to the final gate and it opened on its own! Peter walked out of prison, FREE! As soon as they were down the road a bit the angel left to another assignment.
We are all in some sort of captivity. Some folks feel that there is no way out and that the prison they are in will hold them back forever. The lesson here is that God knows right where you are. He will get you out! Abuse, addiction, apathy, it does not chains can hold you! Today YOU need to hear the Lord say to you what the angel said to Peter: GET UP...GET DRESSED...and GET GOING! You take the first step and those prison gates are going to open for you too! God will make a way out! You can beat your Supermax with the Supernatural!