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Launch Out!

In Luke 5 there is a great picture of Jesus getting ready to call the first disciples. Jesus is back from the desert, refreshed, refueled and once again surrounded by a multitude of people. He finds himself by the edge of the water with no way to minister to ALL of the people. Peter and his boys had just come in from an all-nighter…a huge fishing expedition and they were putting their nets away. Jesus took one of the boats that had just been docked and used it to maneuver himself into a place where He could minister to those that were there. It’s at this moment that we see His plan…to enlarge the teaching team. He notices them folding up the nets and putting them way. And the lesson begins!
As soon as he was done teaching the people by the water, he focused on those that he was choosing to help him get the message of the Gospel out to the world. He looked at those fisherman that were folding up their nets and putting them away and he said to Peter, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Let's break that down a bit for today and tomorrow.
1: put out into the deep water
One translation says LAUNCH OUT! It means “to start or set in motion”. When we get out of our comfort zone we find more comfort(His comfort) than we have ever encountered before. As believers we must keep moving.
Jesus told them to move again…but here is where it applies to you and me…he says something that we must realize for ourselves…GO DEEPER! Get back out there but this time…go a little farther. Move from complacency to your place to be!

Jesus always went about doing good. He was in motion. He was continually launching. Today, you just might need to get back out there again. You say, but I'm tired. I've been trying for so long and there is just nothing good happening. I'm done.

Don't quit. It's always too soon to quit. Put out again, only go a little father. Launch out! You might find yourself in uncharted waters but that is ok. God is getting ready to do something pretty amazing if you keep going! Tomorrow, we will see what we should do when we feel like everything is over.