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Nevertheless Brings Alwaysthemore

Yesterday we launched the deeper places. It means we are supposed to intensify our ministry and go deeper. When Jesus spoke to Peter, who had just pulled an all night fishing expedition, going back out was just part of what He said. He gave them one other instruction...

2: Let down your nets The nets are your tools, your skill set, your talents, abilities, and resources. When we take what we have, surrender it to the Lord and go deeper…miracles will happen. At The Landing we have experienced a small taste of what this feels like…to go deep, to put our talents back into the water and GET A CATCH! Cancers have been healed, relationships restored, marriages saved, and finances blessed...all because we did not stop and fold up the nets!

Most churches, and people only get half of what Peter said> “but we have done this before, we’ve been out all night and caught nothing…its over, we are done!" This is where they stop. This is why they are dead, lifeless, lacking power, vision and purpose.
But I got a feeling that you are an ALL IN person! You are ready to put your skills on the table…get out in the deep water…and do what Jesus said... fish again…do it again…get back out there! Go deeper!
Peter said one LONG word and at the mention of that Word, productivity and profitability was ignited…aftr he told Jesus that they had been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt but to no avail...he takes a breath and says...
NEVERTHELESS. Nevertheless, because you say to go and fish again, we will do it. Even though we have done this and caught nothing, I am going to depend on you and not my understanding on this one. You see Jesus was teaching them how to save people,not catch fish.

Today, this may be you. You have been folding up your nets and thinking that things are over and the Lord is telling you to get back in the boat and back out on the water. Take those skills and talents and throw them back into the water. Go farther...go deeper! The Lord is telling you what to do. The question is how will you respond? Will you say I'm tired of trying. I've done that and been unproductive. I'm through. Or will you say that one word that changes everything? Nevertheless.

Nevertheless brings alwaysthemore! Get ready for a catch so BIG that you need help to reel it in!