Sent by the Holy Spirit

In Acts 13 we can read about how Paul and Barnabas were called to ministry by the spirit of God. It was that spirit that sent them out to do the work of the Lord. I had the honor of sending out a large group of young people to camp on Sunday morning. You could feel the excitement in the room as they gathered together on the stage to be prayed for. It was then that I felt that the Lord wanted me to practice what I preached and tell each of these young people what I saw in them. Yesterday we talked about seeing faith...what did Paul notice when he looked at the man that had never walked? As I looked at each of these young people the Lord allowed me to speak into their lives and encourage them on their spiritual journey. It was incredible! This all happened after a large group of folks gathered around the altar of our church and were asking God to help them "see faith" too.

If we look for it, we can see faith. We can see what God sees when he looks at people. And when we speak to them about the things He has planned for them, they will rise up and start leaping in faith. Send someone on their way today, full of the power of the spirit of God. Bless them and God will bless you!


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