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Wisdom Gives You Patience

A man's wisdom gives him patience;
it is to his glory to overlook an offense.

Another nugget of wisdom from Solomon. Wisdom gives you patience. The power to be able to count to ten before you respond. It's the wonderful ability to think through something rather than just talk off the top of your head. If you have even been surprised by news that was not so favorable, you learn very quickly just how wise you are. If you immediately start running around in circles and screaming then you may need to meditate on this word today. The real translation of the word patience in the Bible is perseverance, not waiting. That is why we hear the phrase "will you wait patiently?"
When you learn how to develop the skill of waiting with perseverance, or hanging in there until more information is gathered, you can survive anything. The second part of this verse talks about how good it is at times to overlook an offense. Simply stated, you don't have a responsibility to share others misfortunes with your neighbor. When I was in the contemporary Christian music world, many of those years, one of the key artists in our genre had challenges that damaged their ministry of music. They made a mistake and everyone knew about it. Whenever this occurred the media would always call my office for a comment from our ministry. They would ask,"well what do you think about what they did?" When that happened I would remember this verse and I would cover my mouth with patience. It was to my benefit to look over that invitation to gossip and be silent.
So, are you good at counting to ten before you share your opinion or make a decision? Do you react or respond? The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. God knows where He is taking you and if you will use godly wisdom that brings you patience, you will start to see that Christ in you gives you the power to overcome what's trying to come over you. So hang on until more information comes your way. God may have you on a need to know basis...when you need to know, you WILL know!