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The Fantastic Four

Yesterday we looked at that preparation phase the disciples went through while waiting for the power that God promised them. Once that power hit, they were ignited and initiated into doing some incredible things for the Lord. Take a moment today to read a short little scripture in Acts 4:32-25. You will notice something in this group of new church folks that should exist in all of us today.
There are four definitive characteristics that stand out in the first assembly of faithful followers in the Bible. I'll call it the Fantastic Four because it really can change the circumstances. They had one heart, one mind, great power and great grace. This formula is one that breeds a positive outcome and blessed results. Whether you are in a corporate setting or a ministry one, you cannot fail if you strive to allow these things to manifest.
One heart speaks to the passion. Where your treasure is, your heart will be as well.
One mind is the focus...keeping our eyes on the prize and pressing forward with our head in the game.
Both of these working in the same situation will ultimately create unity and community. A TEAM begins to come together when there is one heartbeat and one mind. And that's when the most excellent part kicks in. You see when we strive to create this, God then adds the next two.
Great power enables us and empowers us to do things, especially things that are bigger than we are. With God ALL things are possible.
Great grace is what takes care of all of this while it works together the best outcome for those that love God. His grace is more than sufficient for EVERY need.
I don't know what you are trying to do at the office, at home or in your church. But I do know that if you can become more passionate and keep your head in the game, God will show up in your job, your family and your church and do something that will cause others around you to take notice. The Fantastic Four can shape your future today!