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Life is Beautiful!

I was watching the previews of the movie My Sisters Keeper...have not seen it yet as I am one of those guys who cries at movies. Marley and Me tore me up! What caught my attention was the song. It is called Life is Beautiful by Vega4. One of the lines in the last part of the song says,"I will hold you tightly, when the hurtin' kicks in....Life is Beautiful, but its complicated, we barely make it. We don't need to understand, there are miracles."
Something just fired me up when I heard that. If you are like me you want to understand why everything happens and how everything ties together and resolves. However, if we knew it all we would not need faith. Where's the fun in that? We don't need to understand how it all fits together! We just need to know the One who fits it together! He said that ALL things would be mixed and mingled together for our good if we love Him. Part of that process if to love yourself.
When was the last time you got up, looked in the mirror and told yourself how beautiful you were? That's not arrogance, that is telling God that you are thrilled with what He created!
OK, life is complicated and sometimes you barely make it...but the truth is YOU WILL MAKE IT! Don't put a period where God has placed a comma. Keep pressing on. You don't need to understand. there ARE miracles for you and your family! Life is Beautiful and SO ARE YOU!