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Multiplied Seed Meets Every Need!

Last Friday we looked at the fisherman story: letting down the nets and launching out into the deep. In Luke 5 we saw that God takes over when our strength gives out. The fisherman got back out their nets(after fishing all night and catching nothing) and they went out into the deep water. Understand that this was the wrong time of day to fish and this was not the right place in the lake for them to catch fish....NEVERTHELESS, they obeyed and bam! Boat-load of fish!
But I want to look at the initiator of this incredible miracle; the trigger, the seed that caused the harvest. When Jesus got to the shoreline, he needed a platform to teach all the people that had gathered. The people were hungry. The fisherman were tired. The resources were all there, nets, people, boats but they were dormant. Jesus asked for the boat. The men agreed. By giving their boat to Jesus they were planting a seed towards meeting their own need. They needed fish, its how they made a living. They also needed to see God at work in their lives and because of their willingness to give a boat to Jesus, they were going to see every need met!
When you give something to God, He will give it back to you in ways that you could never imagine. You get it back in a different form sometimes; sometimes a different way. But it always comes back to you in a way that will completely satisfy the need that you have. Some call this seed-faith. It's biblical, what you sow you reap. Thank God Peter was not full of pride and stingy about lending out the boat!
What is Jesus asking you for? Time? Your skill-set? An offering towards a ministry of the church? Give Him the boat! Give what you've got and let God bring a boat-load of blessing into your life!