I was thinking about this word this morning as it is the theme for our youth at The Landing this year. It means "to cease to resistance and submit to that authority." Some may say it means to give up. When we "surrender" to the Lord, we are talking about that moment when we give up doing things our own way. We cease to resist the drawing of the Holy Spirit which is what is pulling us towards making a decision to follow Christ.
I have watched many people come through The Landing since we began over 7 years ago that struggled with a "complete surrender". Most people want to change, to become more of a giver and to live life abundantly but that submitting part is tough. You have to completely let go and let God as they say. Often when we are praying in church, I will throw my hands up in the air and look towards heaven as I worship God. It is my way of opening up my life and my heart to allow Him to take control of all that is happening to me and fashion me into the man of God I was made to be.
Surrender is giving what YOU want. But it is also giving in to what He desires for you. As you celebrate FREEDOM this weekend, submit to the plan that God has for you and you will experience a new liberty that you never had before. Cease trying to control everything and let God take charge. Make Him the Lord of every kingdom of your heart. Is it time for you to surrender?


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