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YOU make THE difference!

For the last few days I've been thinking about influence. We have seasons of impact and influence that are orchestrated for us by God and we should use it to have the greatest impact for the kingdom of God. So I have been a bit reflective and thinking about how I use my time and the things that the Lord has planted in me. Writing books, blogs, consulting, leading worship, writing songs, teaching a class, preaching at I maximizing this influence. I have so many creative people around me and I am pleased everyday to see them using their talents to lift up the name of the Lord and bring Him glory. I think it is very important to use whatever platform you have to lift up Christ because that is how we will lift up the rest of the world.

Throughout the Word of God, there are many stories about how one person can make all the difference. The key is to be obedient to act when we are prompted to by that "still small voice" inside of us. It may be to deliver a kind word at just the right time. Or to compliment someone on the way that they look. To lend a hand to help a friend get a ministry opportunity off the ground, buy a cup of coffee,make a donation to ministry...the list goes on and on. Today, realize that YOU...that's right, YOU make THE difference!

The world is waiting for you to unleash the gift that God put in you. To engage and let God add His power and anointing to your talent and resources. Read Acts 9 today and see how one man named Ananias was obedient to do what the Lord asked of him. By acting on what God said, he brought healing to one of the greatest ministers recorded in the Word of God.

YOU make THE difference!