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You've Been Gagged!

About 8 years ago we started doing these things I call GAGS...its where we give away Groceries and Gas to people that have no idea they are about to be blessed. We were in Bixby,OK at that time and these kinds of things were not just fun to do, they paved the way fort our church and ministry to grow. I have always felt that outreach was the most important thing a church can do to reach the lost. When we show God's love in tangible ways, people are moved in His direction. You always gravitate towards the people or things that accept you.
Now we are in Glenpool,OK and I started to feel that it was time to do some of the things that make The Landing a great we started gagging the city. On Saturday, we went all out and gave away gas at QuikTrip, bought groceries at Doc's Country Mart, delivered groceries to 22 families and even had a FREE car wash. I put "No Donations Accepted" on the sign. We wanted to bless the community and it wasn't about raising money. I was so surprised by the numbers of people that seemed to not be sure about this FREE car wash. Perhaps we have been abused by so many situations and people that its hard to believe.
What I am learning more and more in my life is that there is a grace to giving and there is a special grace to receiving as well. We seem to be able to give more easily than we can receive. I saw that this weekend. When did we stop trusting our friends, our neighbors, our ministers? Has life de-sensitized us?
The best way to restore trust is to do what you say: to let your words match your actions. Be real, be genuine and be reliable. So The Landing Community Church will keep being the hands and feet of Jesus so that people can see the love of God in ALL that we do. You can do this too. Pay it forward. Bless someone with lunch, or a coffee. Be a giver and then get ready because God is going to bless you and you are going to have to RECEIVE!