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Community: a group of people practicing common ownership. At The Landing our vision is to "bring community to the church and the church to the community." When you think about what makes up a good community there may be several factors. Safety, integrity, proximity, activity, connectivity...the list can go on and on.
In a culture where we always connect via a cell phone, a text message or an email, it is growing more and more challenging to develop sense of community. I know people that think they actually have friends because they show up on their Facebook profile!
A friend is not someone that accepts you in cyberspace, a friend is someone that will sit across from you and hear your heart, share your hurt and allow you to be yourself. If the truth be known, if you have thousands of friends on MySpace and Facebook, you may be neglecting some REAL live friends right beside you!

How hard would it be for you to lay down that Iphone or Blackberry and have a real discussion without interruption today? Instead of twittering, what if you just made a personal visit to say what is on your heart and how much you appreciate the special ones on your life as friends. Don't tweet: MEET!

A vision statement is something that you can only accomplish with the help of the Lord. In our techno-savvy world, I am certain that bringing community to the church and the church to the community will be an on-going endeavor as we grow closer to Him. You and I were created for fellowship: with Him and with each other! Mingle today and your Spirit will tingle tomorrow!